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Massage Services
                  Call 402-616-6930 to schedule with Nicole.

30 Minute Swedish Massage 

60 Minute Swedish Massage 

90 Minute Swedish Massage 

    Swedish Massage is the therapeutic manipulation of the soft tissue with different types of strokes to relieve muscle tension, promote relaxation and improve mental and physical health.  Sometimes active or passive joint movement is used as well.  Swedish Massage can be both relaxing and energizing.


60 Minute Nurturing the Mother Massage 

        A full hour of massage devoted to Nurturing the Mother with a comfortable sideline approach that is supported with pillows that help the body stay in alignment. Calming massage strokes and gentle range of motion help relieve tension, promote strength and flexibility, reduce swelling and increase circulation. In addition, abdominal massage is beneficial for aiding in digestion, ligament pain and even baby has an increase awareness of the massage-it’s not just for the mother, but baby as well!


60 Minute Integrated Reflexology 

    An hour dedicated to the feet, Reflexology uses different pressure points on the hands and feet to zone in on a ‘map’ of the body.


Seated Chair Massage 

    Seated Chair Massage for spa or office settings.

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